fotografie OZ-HAMI 2021

Aneta Toff

As a logistic employee at OZ-Hami, together with my colleagues, I ensure a perfectly finished end product that the customer is really happy with. And that involves a lot of personal attention. We share that pursuit of a good end result with the entire team, and that makes us a really close-knit club. I am therefore happy that I not only have a nice job but also great colleagues that I can always count on. That ensures that I enjoy going to work every day. Because the atmosphere in the workplace is good, you will get to work with ten times as much effort!

At OZ-Hami everyone wants the best for each other. That is also very much in the nature of the company. It doesn’t matter what job you have; you help each other when necessary. And with that approach, we enjoy working every day, whether it is busy or not.

As a logistic employee, I have an important task at OZ-Hami by ensuring that everything arrives neat and tidy to the customer. That also requires a certain amount of insight, which you get better at. And thanks to my colleagues, I have also gained a lot more self-confidence and patience during the time that I work here so that I can now work with even more passion!

That collaboration with colleagues remains a recurring theme. That is also because this is really good at OZ-Hami. We are just a really nice club of people, where everyone is always there for each other. That way I just know that I can count on the people from my team and on the people from other departments. Every day again!

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