fotografie OZ-HAMI 2021

Megane Gillard

I have had a passion for flowers from an early age. I grew up in France, and I knew one thing for sure; I want to do something with flowers in the future. Coincidentally, I had an uncle who already did that, and thanks to him I came into contact with OZ-Hami in the Netherlands. I immediately started to arrange an internship there!

Once I was allowed to work for OZ-Hami for two months, I really didn’t want to leave. And so I kept calling them after my internship until I was allowed to work permanently as an account manager for the region of France. I then crammed everything that I could into my Citro├źn and drove straight to the Netherlands, out of love for the profession!

Now I am happy that I can work every day with the most beautiful product in the world. Because the moment you buy a flower, you not only buy a lot of colors but also beautiful memories and feelings. For example, I once had someone on the phone who really wanted her grandmother’s favorite flowers at her wedding, who was no longer alive. If you can arrange that for someone, that’s the best feeling in the world. That is why I am happy that I can really do something special with my passion for flowers at OZ-Hami.

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