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To Flower the World.

Over 100′ years of experience, in one name.

OZ-Hami is the driving force behind OZ Export and Hamifleurs, two flower exporters with over 100 years of combined experience in the international flower trade. OZ-Hami’s ambition is ‘To Flower the World’ and with customers in more than 60 countries, we are proud to stand behind this!

As OZ-Hami we believe that you achieve more by working together and by combining the knowledge, experience and expertise of OZ Export and Hamifleurs we are able to serve our customers even better.

Our Brands.

OZ Export

To Flower the World

OZ Export was founded in 1959 by Arie Ofman and Klaas van Zijverden and is now one of the largest and most experienced flower exporters in the Netherlands. OZ Export specializes in full-service export of cut flowers, greens, plants, and accessories to importing wholesalers primarily in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


Your story, our flowers

Hamifleurs was founded in 1976 by Hans Zwemstra and Michel Vijverberg and through their personal approach has grown into a flower exporter of scale, focused on unburdening importing wholesalers and florists in Europe and the Middle East in particular.

Working at OZ-Hami.

Share our passion for flowers

The passion for flowers is in our blood. And that’s why we enjoy going to work every day with over 300 colleagues. We do so full of energy, with passion for the profession and in close-knit teams. All with heart!

Do those attitudes and feelings fit you? And do you enjoy joining a family business that makes a difference with importing wholesalers and florists around the world? Then check out our vacancies!


The power of sustainability together

Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) is an important core value within OZ-Hami. As part of Dutch Flower Group, we belong to a group that has been committed to a more sustainable floriculture supply chain since its founding in 1999.

Preferred Partner Program.

The collaborative program of OZ-Hami

The power of collaboration is what we believe in at OZ-Hami. We believe that you get further together than alone and therefore work closely with our customers, growers, sister companies, and partners.

The result of this vision is the OZ-Hami Preferred Partner Program. A program to take cooperation with our growers to an even higher level, through all kinds of marketing promotion, data sharing, and invitation to exclusive events, among other things.



photo of Stage Logistiek & Supply Chain

Stage Logistiek & Supply Chain

Help jij mee om ons logistieke proces te verbeteren?Ben jij data gedreven, creatief, heb je kennis van logistieke processen en droom jij ervan om zelfstandig een verbetervoorstel te schrijven? Dan zijn we op zoek naar jou!

  • Logistiek
  • 33-40 uur
photo of Medewerker logistiek Ingang

Medewerker logistiek Ingang

Zijn bloemen helemaal jouw ding en wil jij graag werken in een gezellig team? Ben jij een echte aanpakker? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou!

  • Logistiek
  • 33-40 uur
photo of Commercieel Marketeer

Commercieel Marketeer

De bloemenmarkt in Milaan, koninklijke paleizen in het Midden-Oosten, en de belangrijkste e-commerce platforms over de hele wereld. Met klanten in meer dan 60 landen komen de bloemen van OZ-Hami wereldwijd terecht en zijn we constant op zoek naar nieuw talent! Om onze klanten nog beter te bedienen zijn we op zoek naar een commerciële Marketeer, met een passie voor e-mailmarketing! Word jij hier enthousiast van en ben jij de verbindende schakel tussen onze Marketing afdeling, Sales, en de klant? Dan zijn we op zoek naar jou! 

  • Marketing
  • Fulltime
photo of Logistiek medewerker bloemenexport

Logistiek medewerker bloemenexport

Houd jij ervan om elke dag bloemen in je handen te hebben? Iedere kar zie jij als een nieuwe puzzel die jij zo efficiënt mogelijk legt. Als medewerker logistiek bloemenexport zorg jij ervoor dat de bloemen met fusten en los verpakte bloemen netjes aankomen bij de eindklant. Wanneer de puzzel is gelegd, kijk jij vol trots naar het eindresultaat dat er schilderachtig uitziet.

  • Logistiek
  • 33-40 uur
photo of Junior accountmanager Italië

Junior accountmanager Italië

Heb jij commercieel talent en ben je op zoek naar een startersfunctie bij een internationale speler? Lijkt het je leuk om vloeiend Italiaans te leren, lopend door de Alpen of bij de nonnen in Vught? Wij willen onze Italiaanse accountmanagementteam uitbreiden.

  • Commercieel
  • Fulltime
photo of Administratief Medewerker Emballage

Administratief Medewerker Emballage

Ben jij op zoek naar een afwisselende, uitdagende, maar vooral verantwoordelijke administratieve job? Dan is deze vacature wellicht iets voor jou! Als administratief medewerker emballage ben jij het aanspreekpunt voor zowel onze collega’s als de transporteurs.

  • Administratief
  • 33-40 uur


” alt=”photo of OZ-Hami celebrates 65th anniversary!”>
1 July 2024

OZ-Hami celebrates 65th anniversary!

The year 2024 marks an important milestone for OZ-Hami, as it will be 65 years since Arie Ofman and Klaas van Zijverden founded OZ Export. A good reason to celebrate this iron jubilee with a big party. On May 25, with the central theme of “Crazy Town,” this milestone was celebrated with a huge party, including cocktail bar, photo booth, VIP room and various food trucks. What made this anniversary extra special was the fact that this was the first joint OZ-Hami celebration since the merger of OZ Export and Hamifleurs in 2020. After several challenging years, all OZ-Hami colleagues can be proud of where OZ-Hami stands today: the merger has made the organization stronger, more future-proof and this anniversary symbolizes the resilience of OZ-Hami and its rich (shared) history. We look back on an evening with a golden edge and look confidently to the future, together with our great team of colleagues, growers, customers and other valuable associates!

” alt=”photo of OZ-Hami is helpingHoney Highway”>
19 April 2024

OZ-Hami is helpingHoney Highway

Enthusiastic employees of the businesses on the VBA South property planted 5,600 gestation plants and flower shrubs, making Bee Park VBA South a reality. Following 35,000 square feet of flowers and 80 mature apple trees, the blooming season is now even more lush and longer, providing food for wild bees and a beautiful sight. Biodiversity that employees can walk through! The work around the bus stops, footbridge and exit to Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer is now almost complete. It is now high time to reseed the surrounding lands as Honey Highway. The businesses in and around this area are obviously closely involved, so that together the biodiversity on VBA South is increased. Currently, no other business park in the Netherlands has so much biodiversity Dozens of different Dutch flowering plants and flower shrubs have been planted, ensuring a prolonged flowering period. The pollen and nectar from these plants provide food for bees, butterflies, all insects, birds, pheasants, hares, and in the process, biodiversity creates healthy soil. Collaborating with Honey Highway Honey Highway created the bee park design and planting plan, this ensures that 5,600 proper plants and shrubs are in the field on time. Together with Eijkelboom’s workmen, five days of hard work will see an amazing Bee Park come to fruition. We at OZ-Hami, along with the other companies of Dutch Flower Group, are hugely involved, putting on hooded boots and also experiencing how fun and meaningful it is; nature education, team building and just being outside with each other. Looking ahead to summer Deborah Post, Honey Highway: “The goal is to see it teeming in the summer with bees, butterflies, little birds, pheasants who can find their food to survive in the otherwise barren environment of grasslands and large logistics halls in and around Aalsmeer. Thank you entrepreneurs!”

” alt=”photo of OZ-Hami Launches Preferred Partner Program”>
5 January 2024

OZ-Hami Launches Preferred Partner Program

OZ-Hami is proud to announce the launch of its Preferred Partner Program. This initiative aims to strengthen, expand and take cooperation with key growers to the next level. The Preferred Partner Program promises a new era of cooperation between OZ-Hami and its partners with a commitment to a lasting relationship with great benefits for both parties. The program offers OZ-Hami’s growers a preferential position in terms of promotion, marketing, and strategic insights. By leveraging joint knowledge, experience and expertise, OZ-Hami and the Preferred Partners strive for global success. As a Preferred Partner, you will receive annual promotion as Grower of the Week, monthly sales dates, invitations to (exclusive) events, and broad visibility in the office, web shops, and social media, among other things!

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