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The passion for flowers is in our blood. And that is why we enjoy working with more than 500 colleagues every day. We do this full of energy, with passion for the profession and in close-knit teams. All with a heart for the company! Do that attitude and that feeling suit you? And would you like to join a company that makes a difference to importing wholesalers and florists all over the world? Then view our vacancies below, or read the whole story of OZ-Hami.

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Working at the office

The offices in Aalsmeer and Westland are always bustling with activity. This is where the whole world comes together. Purchase, sales, administration or marketing: every function makes a difference for the work of florists in over fifty countries every day. And we speak every language: Russian, French, Italian, you name it!

Thanks to the close collaboration between teams and colleagues, we can make sure that the export process will go smoothly from start to finish, and we’re always striving for improvement. And we do so as one. As an employee at OZ-Hami you are indispensable, no matter what your function is. Together, we colour the world.

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Working in logistics

If you work in logistics at OZ-Hami, you play an essential part in the export of hundreds of thousands of flowers for over 1800 clients every day. Whether you are a cart builder or an order picker: for us and our partners the work you do is extremely important.

You always do your work in close, sociable teams. You and your colleagues know exactly how to make our customers happy, with results that only OZ-Hami can deliver. With room to learn, or ‘just’ have a fun time every now and then.

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Side job or internship

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Six years ago, I started working at OZ-Hami as a logistics employee. It was really just a side job, but I liked the atmosphere at the company a lot, so when I got the chance to also do my graduate internship there, I went for it! At the moment I have a permanent position at the marketing department, where I am specialised in our online store! Bas Nederhof - Junior Marketeer

A side job or internship right in the beating heart of the Dutch flower export, the perfect chance for high school or college students to give their CV some extra shine. Do any of your friends get to work for 1800 clients in no less than 62 countries? Working at OZ-Hami will bring you closer to the rest of the world! And of course there is plenty of space for reports or internship assignments, because we think it’s important that you can learn from us! Take a look at the open vacancies for side jobs and internships and see if there’s anything that suits you!

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Our flowers travel the world, day in, day out. And we always work with a great sense of quality and attention for our client’s wishes. In order to deliver the best results, we all put our best foot forward and make sure to always transport the most beautiful flowers and the best built carts. Because if our clients are happy, we’ll be happy too! Are you curious about the stories of our colleagues?

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