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OZ-Hami is also the perfect place to start your career. We offer fun side jobs, but there is also space for internships and graduation projects. This way you can learn, study and work at one of the biggest flower exporters in the world. And you will do so together with our experienced employees and people your own age. You will be part of a real team, and learn from our experienced employees every day. Working on self-development, it’s possible at OZ-Hami!

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Young OZ-Hami employees talk

Photo of Bas Nederhof
“Now that the webshop is here, we are committed to making it better every day!” Bas Nederhof - Junior Marketeer

Six years ago, I started working at OZ-Hami as a logistics employee. It was really just a side job, but I liked the atmosphere at the company a lot, so when I got the chance to also do my graduate internship there, I went for it! At the moment I have a permanent position in the marketing department, where I am specialized in our webshop. Together with the rest of my team, I make sure that our online store is always up-to-date, and that we keep getting better at what we do. Because OZ-Hami also has a future in E-commerce. And I want to contribute to it!

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