Devon van der Voort

For five years now, I have committed myself every day to arrive at conclusions and insights with the unwise amount of data that OZ-Hami generates with which we as a company can do even better work. I, therefore, feel enormously motivated to constantly use new techniques and methods with which I can extract relevant information from every process within the various departments so that everything we do is better for it.

When people think of the flower sector, the importance of data is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Still, as a business controller, I’m working on it every day! Our systems and the data that comes out of them are a real gold mine of information. Every process within the company produces important information, from which I can then draw actions, advice, and predictions. That makes OZ-Hami a truly attractive employer for Financials with a passion for data.

For example, we can use the data from our financial departments to better budget, or we can use the information from our systems on the floor to get more control of the logistics process. I see challenges everywhere, and I prefer to take them all. And with increasing digitization, this number is only increasing. That is why the flower sector is now a fantastic field for young and driven talents.

At the bottom of the line, there is something new every day that I can bite into. For example, one day I make a forecast for the new month, the next I am optimizing a dashboard, and another day I calculate the profitability per customer. That also ensures that I am involved and that I collaborate with other departments, which makes my work extra fun. And above all, OZ-Hami is a very pleasant company!

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